Melbourne afternoon: the recklessness and the birds

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One of the reasons behind my infrequent post the past couples of weeks is this insanely amazing trip I took to Melbourne.

Can one be possibly in love with a city that much? It’s this kind of love at first sight you just can’t avoid. When you realised, you were already struck and you’re dead.

I’ll save all that to tell you guys later when I have more time. But two of my most favourite people I met in Melbourne, needed to be known by the world.

Without further ado, my frenfries army, meet the lovely strangers!!


I was on my way to the ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image), the scene of this stopped me midway. People were walking pass without even a glance back. It’s a busy street and everyone were having a busy day anyway. But I stopped and I’m so glad I did.

In that shade, under the motorbike, if you look close enough, you will find two tiny little birds. One (I guess) is the mother, and her baby bird (omg omg omg !!!!). She was feeding her baby with bread crumbs given by our lovely strangers.

They sat there for quiet awhile, they were there before, and still there after I made my way to ACMI a while later.

The scene somehow warm my heart and I can’t stop thinking about this without smiling. One of the loveliest day at Melbourne indeed 🙂

When we were younger, our “coolness” level did not come from the brand of our shoes, and our new bags’ name never determined our popularity. We were known for our ability to run the fastest, the farthest, to jump high over the garden fence, to hide so quickly in the neighbour’s bushes. We were known for the capacity of our bags to stack and store as many raspberry muffins as we could, for later, to share to the many hungry beasts pack of friends.

Somehow in some ways, when we were younger, we were known and remembered for who we really are.

When we are older, as of now, we tend to look at the friend’s shoes logo and ask “A nike huh? Cool” but we forget to ask them “Do you run fast? Do you like sport? You wanna race me? Bet you’ll lose”. We afraid to ask a friend to come over and bake, and sing the night away, just because their bags’ fancy tags scare us away.

When we are older, we let a tag determine who we really are, and we let a tag cover who our friends really are.

When we are older, we slowly forget how to love, and be kind.

You are going to tell me, a brand name does represent one personalities. The brand itself carries personalities. But let me tell you this ugly truth, as a marketer we try our best to sell our product and the only way to make sure it’s sold is make customers believe they are sync with our brand, our brand represent their personalities, our brand associate with them, our brand is them. And you won’t believe me, but slowly, we won’t know ourselves anymore, we won’t be this diverse in uniqueness and individual, we will be classified as few countable types, Nike type, Adidas type, Puma type. We will be Channel type, Zara type, Forever 21 type. We will be Company 1 type, Company 2 type, Company 3 type. We will be Money-machine-maker 1 type, Money-machine-maker 2 type. We will all lose our game to the big profitable firms. They will sell us our souls and we’ll rushing in to thank them for that.

Today I bought a new pair of shoes, overall its design looks like a Nike Air Force 1, at the back it’s written “fashion shoes” with the logo of Adidas Allstar, and on the sides there are stripes of Adidas Allstar and where the “Air” should lie, it’s written “Cool”. You may think we should discuss more about copyright matters not this all I had wrote. But I found this surprisingly interesting and irresistibly ironic. What’s the point of buying a branded pair of shoes while they are all fashionable shoes and cool?


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