The fault in our stars

My Jam


Finishing a movie that leave me with too much emotions, I cannot contain myself without writing down fews in many thoughts.

I’m having a small swirling universe of combination of thoughts and feelings for each and every sentences of the script (from the movie, get directly from the book I suppose).

How amazing this movie is made to just fit with every single audiences, and from where you stand, there will be different ways to perceive and remember it. Besides all the clear messages that has been discussed widely which contribute directly to make this piece so valuable, I found myself thinking beyond those.

It make you think. It make you believe that life does go on after the ending. Life goes beyond the ending. When a book close, a movie cut, the story end, there is still this life of people going on. People who were once involved in that little piece of story, and have that piece as part of their ever changing continuing long life. There will not be an end, as for one end the others are still spinning. That what keeps life going.

Who do not want to be remembered? I believe it is one of human biggest desire is to be remembered, as someone, leave something special. A spark. A mark in other human life. Nobody want to be forgotten. However, as you want to believe that life does go on after one death, you have to leave them the chance, for one second, to forget you, in order for them to live on their lives. We know they love us. We know there are people, when our names are recalled, it hurts them, it tears them apart just as much as the flick second it was once happened. That we know, we are loved. And that we know, they deserve to live on, freely and happily.

This movie is made for those wounded to be understood, to find  a voice, to know themselves better, to realise aspects they have not reached, and to be healed. Ans it is for those, who has not been hurt, who want to understand, who want to live their lives better in term of aspiring motivation. And this movie is for all, from one seeking for a pleasure way to kill time in a Saturday night, to a movie critic.

I hope it bring you tears, to for once you feel alive.

What about angles? 


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