My fav orange lipsticks review

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How are you doinggg my frenssfriesss. It’s a super sunny day in Australia today so I feel like some bright and fun and summery make-ups

Today let’s talk orange lippies!

I have been asked by my friends on how to wear orange tone lippies and for real, it got me surprised. Ain’t orange lipsticks the easiest to wear and match with any skin tones? Personally, I do own lots of bright red, to dark pink and rich orange lipsticks. Let’s admit it’s our lady secret that each of us does own a bright colour lipstick. And you know, we all been through that time when we were damn crazy about the red-lip look.

These are the ones I’m using most frequently and all are drug-store range products.

From left to right: Maybeline Baby Lips Electro Pop in Oh! Orange!, Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon in 03 Orange Punch, Maybeline Color Drama in 410 Fab Orange, and Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in 12 Buenos Aires.15991953_1873350432907668_131550352_o.jpg

And the swatches on the back of my arm



Let’s start with No. 1 Maybeline Baby Lips Electro Pop in the colour Oh! Orange!

Electro Pop is, in my objective opinion, an attempt of Maybeline to sell “a lip balm with colour”. If you do a little research online, you can find Electro Pop has a wide range of fun and “electro” colours such as neon and bright purple (so cool right?!).

I will call it a lip balm rather than a lipstick since the colour is not very well payoff and also because of its rich moisturising effect. You need to apply properly two hundred times for the colour to appear true to the package. It will be this sheer tint of orange on your lips.

I use this for moisturising my lips before I put my lipstick on or sometimes just a glide of it for a more daily natural shine, or as a lipgloss.

The price is super cheap as per other lip balm, which is $4 for 3.5 gram tube.

And can we pay a second to appreciate how cute the packages of Maybeline lip balm range are! I’m a sucker for cute packaging sooooo gotta admit I bought this solely of the cute package. Just look at the clear cap and the black tube!!! And it has this light smell of orange extract too.

No. 2 Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon in number 03 Orange Punch

I heard of Bourjois before but never really bought anything from them, especially lipsticks. This is my first try and I give it a 3/5.

The same with Maybeline Electro Pop, this line of Colour Boost Lip Crayon is super rich in moisturising and its creamy quality. The colour is surely more pigmented, with a peachy pink undertone to go with its orange. So if you are a bit hesitate to try out true orange colour, go with this!

It’s very easy to apply, very pigmented and leaves you this glossy plumped lips finish. And it has a sweet rose aroma to it too (which I love love love! I love everything rosy.)

It’s a little pricey, $15 for 2.8g which if you use it daily (like I did) its will run out rather quickly. The lipstick is packed in a typical (thick) twisted bottom crayon shape tube.

People said this lipstick is very close to Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm, which make me so curious and wanna try out the Revlon since I personally prefer a matte finish. If anyone of you have tried the Revlon Matte Balm please give me some reviews before I buy mine.


No.3 Maybeline Color Drama in 410 Fab Orange

Taddaaaa my favourite of all orange lippiesss!!!! Baby Maybeline Color Drama. The name says it all! The colour opacity is dramatic!

It’s may not be the truest orange you’re looking for but the reddish in it is “acceptable”. It’s so bright and pretty and fun. But when choosing a lip colour like this, you should try to avoid too dark or intense eyes makeup. It’ll make you look like you up to something naughty no gooood.

I’ve been using this since ages and it last super long. It’s shaped like a pencil (which you will need a sharpener for it) and that’s why it’s pretty quantity wise. You don’t waste anything in the packaging, just straight on full-on product. I love this!

There is no smell or fragrance whatsoever in this baby.

Pay $10 and you’ll get a 2.5g of magiccccc.

No. 4 Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in 12 Buenos Aires

There is no complaints for Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream lipstick texture and consistency. Super light weight with a matte finish. The applicator is thin and soft too. It’s a big bonus as for liquid lipstick, this is essential.

But the only problem with this colour is, as I said in another post before, it doesn’t go well with my skin tone since there’s a hint of white and neon-ness in it. And here I am with this olive under tone.

$13 for a tube of 8ml liquid lipstick with a matte cap (loveee tha cappp)

And please girlsss, someone please give me some advises on how to use this babe. I’m so in love with the texture I really don’t wanna put it away.

That’s it for todaiiiiiiii. And again, hope my frenfriesss army a great great and fun weekend!!!! ❤


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