Summer Night Market in December

Lovely Strangers, On The Go

You know you’re in Australia when “Summer NIGHT Market” in December is as sunny as the Sun has just decided to claim its own land and the Moon be like “Whateverrrr, just take it, just take Australia. You’re such a selfish peach. Imma go and cry alone in my little night corner with my Stars!”


I can tell you guys days and nights on how much I love going to markets and festivals! A bit before Christmas I went to Queen Victoria Market. We have Summer night market at Queen Victoria Market almost every Wednesday from 5pm till God-know-when (aka late night).

Let’s me clear this out, since we’re in this land down under where as claimed there is zero connection to the rest of the world, the mother of nature decided to run our seasons differently. Soo yess it’s now summer in all lands of Australia, don’t be surprised if you see us in shorts, spaghetti straps and thongs (flipflop! don’t get me wrong, we call it thongs!). Then if you’re lucky enough to live in Melbourne, you will have those freezing nights where your hair feel like its gonna fall off your body even though it’s SUMMER! Trust me you’ll always be in the wrong fashion while you’re in Australia.

That and every unique things spice Australia up.


You can’t have more perfect summer festive vibe with people’s talks and laughs. Catchy tunes playing and endless dances. All wrap under the bright sunny blanket in the fresh occasional chilly breeze weather.

From modern to vintage clothing, antique little pieces to handmade tribal furniture, sweets and meaty meals and something cold to wash down your throat, can all be found here. You ask and they have. Or sometimes you came to learn of a thing you never known was exist. Theres even this fortune telling lady with her mysterious glass ball and her long waiting line of young good looking ladies wondering about their lives. Night markets are my treasure hunting field. I found myself bewitched among old model polaroid cameras, black and white aged pictures with a note or two in the back “Love, Alexandra”, rings and shirt pins and so much blisses.


Not far from the antique shops, this little shop showed off its magical little gemstones blinking in the sunlights. Even though I don’t wear jewelry as much, I love buying or simply just looking at them. As you can tell they are surely not the most luxurious stones in the worlds but they brought my mum great fun!

It inspired me to mend my own Tiger Eyes Gemstone pendant which you can read bout how to make one here.


There is this Mexican band playing the most cheerful music ever, and how anybody can not moving their feet along. In this atmosphere, you feel like any happy positive things in this world can happen. And you feel like you wanna fall in love all over again.

I caught this loveliest young couple on my camera and they melted my heart away. P/s: That’s another stage of passionate Salsa! (I mean the circle of crowd afar! I mean, also the couple 😉 )


Inside the market roof, you will find a tremendous amount of cuisine from the most iconic Australian lamb dish to Asian and Mexican food. 16118461_1873716192871092_841395773_n

Only if you can make your way to the shop without crushing souls on your way. I have too little patient for queuing so I had my dinner later at a restaurant on our way back home. Theres this red bull sangria I was dying to try. It’s a must to try Red Bull sangria when you’re at a summer night market!


This lollies store caught my eyes. It holds so much more than beautiful candies and a charming vender. In a flash, I saw all of my childhood fairy tales come to life, the candy house, the unicorn land, the fairy God mother, flowing up high among the pink magical soft clouds.



Queen Victoria Market from the outside. 8pm

If you have a chance passing by the area on Wednesday, stop by and experience yourself this one place I love so much in Melbourne. You will find nothing like a heart fulfilling Summer Night Market under the sunbeams in December.


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