DIY Wire Wrapped Stone Necklace

All things pretty

Welcome back to myyyy frenfriessss and hellooo I’m Alice if you’re new to my home!

Monday is always sooo hectic and stressful. But let’s not make Monday a Moanday. Turn on the beat and get ourselves ready for some fun.

We will get our hands dirty today with some DIYsss!

I love making crafts and pretty little things as much as I love giving them out to my friends and families. I believe what make an object’s worth is the meaning behind it. I would happily carry a garbage bag around if my best friend bought that on his trip to Narrowa (let’s we assume there’s this land far far away called Narrowa) and the people there believe in luck brought from garbage bag. I also love receiving present. And for me there’s no such thing as a bad gift.

Today we’ll be tinkering our way with lucky gemstone pendant!

On my trip to Melbourne I bought myself some Tiger Eye stone and Rose Quartz. However it’s my life long habits of buying pretty little things and lose them a day after. So I decided to tied them up on my neck and never lose them again! Also I got inspired by a vender at a summer night market which you can read about that adventure here.

You’re gonna need obviously a gemstone (that you love sooo much, doesn’t matter in what size or shape), some craft wire (I figure out it’s better in bronze colour), a threat to wear on your neck, and a pliers.16117912_1874319899477388_209014063_n

Then this is when Pinterest come into handy. You will need some inspirations or at least an idea of what you want your pendant gonna look like. Here I have a few reference for mine



Don’t freak out! Trust me, it’s not that complicated. It’s just a little bit confused in the beginning. After you decide the best way the wire is going to wrap your stone, you’re good to go. Stick to the sample, simplify it two difficulty level down.

It took me the whole afternoon, significant amount of broken and disastrous shape wire, and tremendous amount of happiness looking at my freshly made pendant!


Put the threat on and taaddaaa who’s got the best handmade necklace evaaa?!!!


It’s a month to valentine. Take sometimes to practice and by then, you’ll be able to send out to your loved ones the most meaningful present ❤ Cover in your blood and sweat! That’s not very hygiene wise but you know what I meannn.

Have a productive week ma frenfriesss! And happy DIYingggg ❤ ❤ ❤

Until next time!


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