On The Go

At times I wonder how people back in the day could live without electricity. And sometimes I also wonder how my life would be now without the internet.

Can you guys live full 4 days with complete zero internet connection and no promise of when it is going to be back on?

I can. In fact, I’m on my 4th day now. Let’s me clear this out real quick before any of you may think I have one slight bit of going-back-to-retro or going-back-nature or giving-up-on-wifi vibe in me. This happening is out of my control and I am desperately to get my internet connection back.

However, in the mean time, I found myself surprisingly enjoying it (apart from a few major inconveniences)

I came back to the wonderer I had always been when I was a kid.


This is a hidden corner on my university campus where you can find a small clear pond with the tender stream comes in the left. Ducks hang here for a swim when the weather is still warm enough. 

I claim this my own secret corner. I can lie here all afternoon with the summer breeze brushing through the leaves high up there. It reminds me so much of how I love the sunbeams coming shyly through the branches.


It feel like the whole world has slow down. And I’m here so content with myself and the view. The sound of water running, of ducks drying their feathers, of winds, and of no distraction.

The most joyful part of this whole no-wifi thingy is me coming back to my old friend-books.

I used to question myself when people asked if I love reading. Now I got the answer. When reading is no longer a habit, it is easily be forgotten. But it’s always there, even when we decided to forget it, abandon it, ignore it. And when we’re back, we realised nothing has changed. That we still so much into each other just like the good old days. 16216357_1877029709206407_437873135_n

Not the most educational or brilliant book but surely I’m curious of the difference between the movie and book.

Nobody in their right mind would go and turn off their wifi router for the whole back-to-nature experience. But let’s grab a good book, some snacks and stroll down to your garden, to the nearest park, to an open space. And give yourself sometimes to breath, to slow down from the crazy pace.

And trust me, there, you will find your youthful self once again.


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