At the bus stop, I were staring at the past just across the road.

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What’s better than a great theatre? It’s a great theatre that was originally a church from the 19th century!

Wednesday has always been my favourite day of the week. Somehow things can’t never go wrong on Wednesday. And somehow good things always come on a Wednesday. Last Wednesday afternoon, I had something to sort out at Town Hall House.

On a side note, if you’re a first timer in Sydney, you should go check out the impressive small scale Sydney city model. Town Hall House is never a traditional tourist attraction since it functions as a government department and only serious stuffs happen there. (And who would want to visit a place like that during their honeymoon ?!). I have to admit there’s nothing much to do at Town hall House. However if you’re around and have some spare minutes, you will find this little Sydney extremely enchanting (or when you’re lost you can always refer back to this. The most accurate map of Sydney ever!).


The inner city


The iconic Opera House. How cute is that!


And heaps of skyscrapers!!!!!  or is this the model of under construction area(?!) 

Then, here is when the magic happened. After finishing “stuffs” there, I was waiting on a bus to North Sydney. Catching my eyes was this insanely charming and mystified looking church nestle humbly in between the two buildings

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

It reminded me so much of supervillain Gru’s house in Despicable me. Not in a bad way of course. You know what I mean. 

But then my curiosity would stop there if I did not see the leaflet and tickets booth on the right of the church.

“Why would someone sell ticket for a church’s access? That’s so wrong on many levels.”

My eyes once again failed me in identifying useful information. Alice, honey, there is that one big waving sign in yellow orange-ish saying GENESIAN THEATRE. No doubt it’s a theatre!

Genesian Theatre is located at 420 Kent Street, Sydney. With the rather central location, it’s strange that it takes sometime for people to recall the name Genesian when being asked.


I did a bit of research and found out Genesian Theatre Company has operated for 72 years as a company on the site of St John’s Church, which dates from 1868. It has served as both a church and a poor school until 1932 when it became the Kursaal Theatre, housing the Sydney Repertory Company. In 1938 it became the first Matthew Talbot Hostel. Since 1954 it has been the home of The Genesian Theatre Company which was formed in 1944.

How romantic that sounds! If romantic is the right word. For me, any plays or performances take place there will automatically turn out a masterpiece.

It always leaves me wonder and stunned looking at old architects and imagining how people was living back then. Scene after scene come flooding through my eyes of the earlier life of ladies in puffy dresses, and men so polish in their tuxedos.

I can’t wait to drag my friend there for a play (hopefully) in February. And being my best self hyping over things, I will sure write a long post on how emotionally moving my experience there is.

If you have time, go check out the Genesian Theatre and we can be hype together!

For now, happy weekend and happy lunar new year to those who are celebrating it.

Until next time!



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