Dear London,

Lovely Strangers, On The Go

Have you ever fallen so hard in love with somebody you know nothing about?

Is it possible to miss a person you have never met?

I came across something on Pinterest and it’s difficult not to note something down.

It’s funny thinking back on how many cities I have “dead set my heart on living here” or “this is where my heart is!”.

My mom said I had love at first sight syndrome. I’m that kind of person who would decide she wanted to move to a city 2 seconds after landed. And even worse, I never afraid to let the world knows my intention.



“We were discussing England today in my World Geography class and the whole time I just had this horrible yearning to be there. I don’t even know what it is about that place; I don’t know why I love it so much or why it’s resonated so deeply with me. But I just feel this constant itch to go back.

I think sometimes you just visit a place and it feels like home. I miss it so deeply.”






But London is different. I have never been to London yet I love it wholeheartedly. I claim London as my forever muse.

Even with people telling me the illusory my imagination create for London is what I fell for. A person told me London was nothing but his winter blue. He left her for a tropical lady. “Stay with her for long and you will witness her tantrum”. Another said all he got were frostbites “She was so cold! after his brief encounter.

Call me daydreamer, naive believer, blinded eyes lover, the London in my mind is the London of hope and fulfilled dream.

Under that sky, I feel like every tiny positive things in this world can happen. I feel like even the pavements on the mazy road of London would glitter like stardust in the early morning when first few sun beams hit them. I imagine the chilly breeze blushes my cheeks. And my heart thumps some old vinyl record’s tunes, excitement, happiness, and some more tunes.

It would be easier for Shakespeare to live his life if he knew exactly what love was. But sad for him, till now nobody knows. It is, in fact, easier for me to live not trying to scientify (that’s not even a word) love.

For now, I kiss you goodnight and goodbye my crazy little love. My dream tonight is saved for big plans I’m working the hardest on. But don’t you worry. I’ll still dream the widest. I’ll still smile the brightest. I’ll still sing the loudest. I promise I will never lose myself trying to be down to earth because clearly I was born with my head on the cloud.

We both are storing so many seeds of hope and those surely are waiting to be planted. One day, when we’re ready, when I’m ready, I hope to see you standing there, waiting for me with your arms wide open.




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