Cool kids cheap thrills

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Earlier, the weather forecast showed 39 degree. It’s fogged up the car’s window where the air-con pointed directly at. It’s 11pm now and the weather had eased down to the good 34 but the heatwave was still unbearable. It’s pitch dark outside at Macca’s parking lot with a few car running pass. Today was Friday. This traffic was considered “crowded” already at this small town.

“Turn the freaking car back! Pick me up! How cruel of you guys to drop me off first hand and go get ice-cream. Unbelievable!”

“We are sorry haha. It’s too late. You’re like 3 minutes late before he finally collected his mind and decided he really wanted ice-cream.”

“I don’t care! Turn. The. Car. Around”- and the girl in army jacket kept whining the words over and over again until they finally pulled right in front of her face.

“Just get in already. Do you know how annoying you are?”

Too frequent, she got used to their spontaneous little night adventures, and of course, her friend’s whining tone too.  And she came to love them and the pickering came to become their girly ritual.

“Get downstair! We’re at your front!”

“Where? I can’t see you guys?”

“I mean, we’re mentally there with you but physically we’re “north”. Oh seeing you two!”

“Seeing your ass! I’m going back up!”

“No no no. We’re like 2 minutes there. Give us two minutes. Stand right where you are!”

“So seriously what are we gonna get?”

“At least tell me where we’re heading! We’re parking at your neighbour driveway for God sake!”

“Keep calm girls! Calm! I am googling!”

“Hkjdfbisfpjf, lala, kafbulff, tuiasaf”

“Is that your neighbour? Goshh girlss, he’s coming out. He’s so coming out!”

“Stop singing that freaking song! Give us some ideas Alice!”

“But I don’t know”

“Hold up! I think I just found a great place!”

“Goshh guyss! We need to leave. NOW!”

It’s  Friday night, girls night out.  They had dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant earlier as their own subtle version of girls night out. Two of the girls had just finished work from the contact centre 3 hours ago. The job, which according to them, should be advertised this way:

“You are young and enthusiastic? Having no money in hand and haven’t hated your life enough? Come to us fresh and we will make sure you come out of your job hating your life so much more that if there’s a bridge in your town, you will surely jump off. Oops and by the way, we are selling material for bridges constructions and housing too. Hit us up on 012-hate my life and never go back”

Sarcastic she knew, “it’s not that bad isn’t it?”. The legendary telemarketing job.

Sitting next to her was another sleepy typical-hardworking-and-ambitious-white-collar-girly. “They’ve just got the new software installed this arvo and I got to figure out how to use it.”

Life of the post graduate kids could seem dull and career-oriented in the most positive way of hopelessness. She watched them grow and as times goes by, she grew with them, passed our naive selves, passed the struggling uni days, and here they were in their car still pickering about the same old things they always did.

Us post graduate kids are not even one third as cool as the cool kids. We own no skateboard. We don’t do funk. I do have a polaroid that cover under 2 layers of dust.



We ain’t no moody, unclear, shady polaroid of kids, of thick denim jacket, heavy dirty black tied boots, tangled hair of waves and that signature what? i don’t care. i don’t give a sh88 look, and of course, in a coolest backdrop of an underground show.



But tonight the moment we were laughing away in our car waiting for the 60 cents ice-cream at the window of Macca drive thru, wondering how the lady working there can get her perfect purple hair, it was nearly as perfect as the nights I had had in my mind of what a cool kid’s night should be.



And for tonight, all we have is the lady and her purple hair at Macca drive thru. One of the girls would say “bleach”. And the other one would ask God why someone would do such sinful thing to their hair. Then we all would laugh at the joke of the last girl telling us about her great aunt losing her hair by bleaching it.

And for tonight, our happiness is as cheap as the 60 cent ice-cream cone.

“This is exactly what Vine famous and Youtuber would do!”

“Totally. Like isn’t getting Macca drive thru at mid night is a must of how to be a cool kid?”

“We are pretty cool aren’t we?”

“Do you even have to ask? It’s obvious”


Nights like this, it makes me miss this city for the days I’m not gonna be here anymore…


* All pictures used in this post are from various source to be credited



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