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I said “sorry for my absence” for the 12674398th time and here it’s coming again friends. So sorryyyyy for staying away for sooo long. I missss you guys so dang muchhh!

I myself, declare, I’m the most irresponsible and commitment-less blog owners on this entire universe.

I have been beavered away on this plan for my little next big thing. Having this one gigantic secret in my sleeve feels super heavy and heart thumping.  This means a lot to me and I really do hope you guys will find it enchanting the date I finally get to introduce it. For now, please stay tune, finger cross that I won’t screw anything up, and have a beautiful day. We are hitting big friendsss

Here are some tiny sneak peak of what I am working on. I feel like exploding not being able to share this with you guys at this moment but you know Alice is in her happiest state of busyness when she’s surrounded by black pencil crumbs and colours. 






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