Dear London,

Lovely Strangers, On The Go

Have you ever fallen so hard in love with somebody you know nothing about?

Is it possible to miss a person you have never met?

I came across something on Pinterest and it’s difficult not to note something down.

It’s funny thinking back on how many cities I have “dead set my heart on living here” or “this is where my heart is!”.

My mom said I had love at first sight syndrome. I’m that kind of person who would decide she wanted to move to a city 2 seconds after landed. And even worse, I never afraid to let the world knows my intention.



“We were discussing England today in my World Geography class and the whole time I just had this horrible yearning to be there. I don’t even know what it is about that place; I don’t know why I love it so much or why it’s resonated so deeply with me. But I just feel this constant itch to go back.

I think sometimes you just visit a place and it feels like home. I miss it so deeply.”






But London is different. I have never been to London yet I love it wholeheartedly. I claim London as my forever muse.

Even with people telling me the illusory my imagination create for London is what I fell for. A person told me London was nothing but his winter blue. He left her for a tropical lady. “Stay with her for long and you will witness her tantrum”. Another said all he got were frostbites “She was so cold! after his brief encounter.

Call me daydreamer, naive believer, blinded eyes lover, the London in my mind is the London of hope and fulfilled dream.

Under that sky, I feel like every tiny positive things in this world can happen. I feel like even the pavements on the mazy road of London would glitter like stardust in the early morning when first few sun beams hit them. I imagine the chilly breeze blushes my cheeks. And my heart thumps some old vinyl record’s tunes, excitement, happiness, and some more tunes.

It would be easier for Shakespeare to live his life if he knew exactly what love was. But sad for him, till now nobody knows. It is, in fact, easier for me to live not trying to scientify (that’s not even a word) love.

For now, I kiss you goodnight and goodbye my crazy little love. My dream tonight is saved for big plans I’m working the hardest on. But don’t you worry. I’ll still dream the widest. I’ll still smile the brightest. I’ll still sing the loudest. I promise I will never lose myself trying to be down to earth because clearly I was born with my head on the cloud.

We both are storing so many seeds of hope and those surely are waiting to be planted. One day, when we’re ready, when I’m ready, I hope to see you standing there, waiting for me with your arms wide open.




Let’s speak art! I mean history, I mean art. I mean art and history

Lovely Strangers, On The Go

With you guys aware or not, I’m a hundred percent obsessed with gallery and museum and historical architecture. I’m an addict pretty much. But I guess this is a healthy kind of addiction?! (minus the countless times I tortured my loved ones with endless history talks and innumerable visits to historical attractions. Sorry not sorry). So how on earth can we not visit the State library of Victoria while we are in the heart of so much antique-ness like Melbourne!

But surprisingly what fascinated me the most is not the size or the architecture of the building or inferior. It’s the small gallery which occupied a part of level two of the library.

16176242_1875340999375278_853591258_n.jpgThe art work displayed there are extremely flattering. They have a live of them own. They leave me wonder from times to times how is it even possible to capture such liveliness into a painting. Times like that I questioned the capacity of human kind, and the capacity that hidden undiscovered.

Then caught my eyes was this


Maybe you have seen this many times, or you don’t find this amusing. But this scene put an instant smile on my face. I feel like I could just stand there and watch him sketch in silent for hours. For me it’s somehow very intriguing. So much inspiration in a glance of eyes.

People wonder why a person can love art so much. At times it’s unexplainable, but for me it’s pretty simple.

In art, we got to decide if a boy’s pants is long or short, if a girl wears turtleneck or plain tee. Because in our imagination, we got to decide if the boy travels to a tropical island in his adventure go hunting for the long lost treasure, or he works in a global corporate and about to sign his first contract. And we don’t know if there is snow where the girl lives, if she is sporty or hopelessly romantic. In art, we got to decide to create things only our imagination can reach. And our imagination is limitless. So without me telling, you would know how infinite and extravagant  and superb art can be.

I love creating stories through written work too, but sometimes, you can tell more of a person by the way they dress than a sentence in the dialog they say. “Observations is the best teacher”.

I used to paint, and sketch, and doodle, and scribble in all the extra time I got between classes, or even in classes. I skipped meals to finish an undone painting. I spent countless hours on a new sketch. And I do, still, now.

When I do my art, I hear no sound, I see no scene but the sound my work make, scene my imagination paint. I have no distraction. Nothing can step in between me and my great art. My fingers got to move in rhythm with my mind and my eyes. Painting is the kind of gym I’m going to. I work out much intense. I can’t imagine the day I paint no more. But I can imagine, then, I would be senseless.

My dad told me the secret of being smart and smarter, after minutes of contemplative thinking, he said: the key is hard-work. I’m not sure if it’s because he knew me inside out I’m a lazy ass or it’s really the fundamental of intelligence. However, I found out I feel exhausted yet smarter after finishing an art work. Maybe it’s the feel of accomplish something in your life. Or maybe painting is a mental exercise too. I wonder if being art-smart is any different than being math-smart. This I need to find out later.

Too much talking already I forget how easy I can jump from one topic to another.

Hope you guys have a great day! Today, slow down and look around for a tiny bit, in the corner of your eyes, there may hidden an aspiring story.

Until next time! ❤

Summer Night Market in December

Lovely Strangers, On The Go

You know you’re in Australia when “Summer NIGHT Market” in December is as sunny as the Sun has just decided to claim its own land and the Moon be like “Whateverrrr, just take it, just take Australia. You’re such a selfish peach. Imma go and cry alone in my little night corner with my Stars!”


I can tell you guys days and nights on how much I love going to markets and festivals! A bit before Christmas I went to Queen Victoria Market. We have Summer night market at Queen Victoria Market almost every Wednesday from 5pm till God-know-when (aka late night).

Let’s me clear this out, since we’re in this land down under where as claimed there is zero connection to the rest of the world, the mother of nature decided to run our seasons differently. Soo yess it’s now summer in all lands of Australia, don’t be surprised if you see us in shorts, spaghetti straps and thongs (flipflop! don’t get me wrong, we call it thongs!). Then if you’re lucky enough to live in Melbourne, you will have those freezing nights where your hair feel like its gonna fall off your body even though it’s SUMMER! Trust me you’ll always be in the wrong fashion while you’re in Australia.

That and every unique things spice Australia up.


You can’t have more perfect summer festive vibe with people’s talks and laughs. Catchy tunes playing and endless dances. All wrap under the bright sunny blanket in the fresh occasional chilly breeze weather.

From modern to vintage clothing, antique little pieces to handmade tribal furniture, sweets and meaty meals and something cold to wash down your throat, can all be found here. You ask and they have. Or sometimes you came to learn of a thing you never known was exist. Theres even this fortune telling lady with her mysterious glass ball and her long waiting line of young good looking ladies wondering about their lives. Night markets are my treasure hunting field. I found myself bewitched among old model polaroid cameras, black and white aged pictures with a note or two in the back “Love, Alexandra”, rings and shirt pins and so much blisses.


Not far from the antique shops, this little shop showed off its magical little gemstones blinking in the sunlights. Even though I don’t wear jewelry as much, I love buying or simply just looking at them. As you can tell they are surely not the most luxurious stones in the worlds but they brought my mum great fun!

It inspired me to mend my own Tiger Eyes Gemstone pendant which you can read bout how to make one here.


There is this Mexican band playing the most cheerful music ever, and how anybody can not moving their feet along. In this atmosphere, you feel like any happy positive things in this world can happen. And you feel like you wanna fall in love all over again.

I caught this loveliest young couple on my camera and they melted my heart away. P/s: That’s another stage of passionate Salsa! (I mean the circle of crowd afar! I mean, also the couple 😉 )


Inside the market roof, you will find a tremendous amount of cuisine from the most iconic Australian lamb dish to Asian and Mexican food. 16118461_1873716192871092_841395773_n

Only if you can make your way to the shop without crushing souls on your way. I have too little patient for queuing so I had my dinner later at a restaurant on our way back home. Theres this red bull sangria I was dying to try. It’s a must to try Red Bull sangria when you’re at a summer night market!


This lollies store caught my eyes. It holds so much more than beautiful candies and a charming vender. In a flash, I saw all of my childhood fairy tales come to life, the candy house, the unicorn land, the fairy God mother, flowing up high among the pink magical soft clouds.



Queen Victoria Market from the outside. 8pm

If you have a chance passing by the area on Wednesday, stop by and experience yourself this one place I love so much in Melbourne. You will find nothing like a heart fulfilling Summer Night Market under the sunbeams in December.

Melbourne afternoon: the recklessness and the birds

Business World, Lovely Strangers, On The Go

One of the reasons behind my infrequent post the past couples of weeks is this insanely amazing trip I took to Melbourne.

Can one be possibly in love with a city that much? It’s this kind of love at first sight you just can’t avoid. When you realised, you were already struck and you’re dead.

I’ll save all that to tell you guys later when I have more time. But two of my most favourite people I met in Melbourne, needed to be known by the world.

Without further ado, my frenfries army, meet the lovely strangers!!


I was on my way to the ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image), the scene of this stopped me midway. People were walking pass without even a glance back. It’s a busy street and everyone were having a busy day anyway. But I stopped and I’m so glad I did.

In that shade, under the motorbike, if you look close enough, you will find two tiny little birds. One (I guess) is the mother, and her baby bird (omg omg omg !!!!). She was feeding her baby with bread crumbs given by our lovely strangers.

They sat there for quiet awhile, they were there before, and still there after I made my way to ACMI a while later.

The scene somehow warm my heart and I can’t stop thinking about this without smiling. One of the loveliest day at Melbourne indeed 🙂

When we were younger, our “coolness” level did not come from the brand of our shoes, and our new bags’ name never determined our popularity. We were known for our ability to run the fastest, the farthest, to jump high over the garden fence, to hide so quickly in the neighbour’s bushes. We were known for the capacity of our bags to stack and store as many raspberry muffins as we could, for later, to share to the many hungry beasts pack of friends.

Somehow in some ways, when we were younger, we were known and remembered for who we really are.

When we are older, as of now, we tend to look at the friend’s shoes logo and ask “A nike huh? Cool” but we forget to ask them “Do you run fast? Do you like sport? You wanna race me? Bet you’ll lose”. We afraid to ask a friend to come over and bake, and sing the night away, just because their bags’ fancy tags scare us away.

When we are older, we let a tag determine who we really are, and we let a tag cover who our friends really are.

When we are older, we slowly forget how to love, and be kind.

You are going to tell me, a brand name does represent one personalities. The brand itself carries personalities. But let me tell you this ugly truth, as a marketer we try our best to sell our product and the only way to make sure it’s sold is make customers believe they are sync with our brand, our brand represent their personalities, our brand associate with them, our brand is them. And you won’t believe me, but slowly, we won’t know ourselves anymore, we won’t be this diverse in uniqueness and individual, we will be classified as few countable types, Nike type, Adidas type, Puma type. We will be Channel type, Zara type, Forever 21 type. We will be Company 1 type, Company 2 type, Company 3 type. We will be Money-machine-maker 1 type, Money-machine-maker 2 type. We will all lose our game to the big profitable firms. They will sell us our souls and we’ll rushing in to thank them for that.

Today I bought a new pair of shoes, overall its design looks like a Nike Air Force 1, at the back it’s written “fashion shoes” with the logo of Adidas Allstar, and on the sides there are stripes of Adidas Allstar and where the “Air” should lie, it’s written “Cool”. You may think we should discuss more about copyright matters not this all I had wrote. But I found this surprisingly interesting and irresistibly ironic. What’s the point of buying a branded pair of shoes while they are all fashionable shoes and cool?